by Robert Denny

About Us Paid Surveys Consumer Protection Reviews

Our Company Owns and Operates Multiple Public Service Websites Such As Review Paid Surveys.

Our companies “Mission Statement” is to help consumers from being taken advantage of on the Internet as it is an open marketplace and a large breeding grounds for con artists and fake scam websites. These scam websites are put up by the thousands each day to take advantage of unsuspecting visitors.

Paid Surveys Consumer Protection Reviews Why We Do What We Do

Our company works hard to expose as many scam sites as we can, however we can only expect to win small battles and not the war due to the difficulty in trying to regulate a world wide marketing platform.

Our goal is to try and educate the consumer about carrying out their own due diligence and at the same time we try to review as many markets as possible. For example; we try to choose the more popular markets that scam artist are more likely to target, we will then review the more popular sites within each market and if we find the site to be legitimate to that particular market we allow that site to advertise on our sites.

Now it is next to impossible for us to review every product within a market so we will review as many as possible, report the scam sites and award the legitimate sites.

We hope that you find our service helpful, we welcome any questions or comments and most of all we wish you much success!

Thank you!
Robert Denny
President of Paid Surveys Consumer Protection Reviews


Paid Surveys Consumer Protection Reviews
Helping Consumers To Avoid Internet Scams!