The Best Paid Surveys Online We Guarantee It!

by Robert Denny

The Best Paid Surveys online can be found right here on the longest running Consumer Protection Paid Surveys Review website. The Internet over the past 12 years has been a hunting grounds for people who are looking for that pot of gold that sits at the end of the rainbow.

There are countless number of ways to make money online and filling out paid surveys online has grown exponentially since they first appeared.

However, as fast as the paid surveys industry has grown the more the scam artists began to appear. The best paid surveys online are not always what they appear to be due to the anonymity of doing business online.

Our site alone has changed in many ways over the years just to keep a step or two ahead of the fake paid surveys that litter millions of email accounts on a daily basis and lure in innocent people with promises of making tons of money for filling out surveys online.

How To Find The Best Paid Surveys Online

However there is a bright side to the story because you can find legitimate paid survey sites online and if you pout in the time you can make some decent extra money each week.

The problem for most is how to know if the survey site you are interested in joining is legit or just another scam.

Well the good news is that you are reading this article and hopefully before you have signed on with any of the survey sites online.

We pride ourselves in our efforts to protect consumers such as you from falling victim to the many fake online survey sites.

You can trust that if a site is being advertised on this site then you can rest assured in knowing that they have made our list of being one of the best paid surveys online websites.

These are not paid advertisers on this site so that means that not just any site can make it on Reviewed Paid Surveys.

At any given time you will find the top five best paying survey sites online and although you can make money with any site we allow to advertise on here you will always find our top pick at the very top of the right hand side of this site.

So what how do we rate the survey sites so we know which is the best and which is nothing more than a scam? We test them ourselves!

Just like any consumer protection agency we use a test group or focus group that will go out and signup at the paid survey sites and actually use them to find the ones that have the best paid surveys to choose from which gives the consumer the opportunity to make a decent second income or first depending on just how much time you intend to invest in filling out the paid surveys.

Many people are under the assumption that filling out paid surveys online is free when in reality the best paid surveys online are not free!

Best Paid Surveys Online Buyer Beware!

Now here is where we come into play, you see people get excited when they read the promises made on many of the scam paid surveys websites and they pull out their credit card to pay the one-time fee of just $39.99 What do they get for their money besides the empty promises of instant riches? Not Much!

The best paid surveys online are the ones that handle the marketing efforts for the big name commercial stores and/or specific brand name products.

Let us use Walmart as an example; now everyone has heard of Walmart so when they see their store logo or name on a paid surveys website they assume it must be legit so they don’t hesitate to pay the $40 or more to get into the Walmart program.

What people don’t stop to think about is just how easy it is for someone to slap up a really nice looking website and then clip some images of the Walmart logo or any other popular brand name store, then pay a decent copywriter so they have some compelling content and flash a nice big headline The Best Paid Surveys Online earn $10,000 per week working just one hour per day!

Just over the past three years there have been over 91,000 websites shut down and they all offered the best paid surveys online. And they were not lying, those sites were the best paid surveys online the only problem was the site owner was the one that was being paid.

The Best Paid Surveys Online How To Avoid Being Scammed!

The other thing to look out for are the so called Free Paid Surveys, the way the scam artist get you with this tactic is they have you fill out the paid surveys, submit them through their system for Free and they keep the money.

Now you might be thinking; how much money could they possibly make with a scam like that and the answer is A LOT!

What they will do is sign-up at five or ten of the best paid surveys online they get the survey lists funnel them through their

Professional looking paid surveys website they offer the service for free thousands of people sign-up each day and do all the work for them, so in essence they are the best paid surveys online.

As you can see they are dozens if not hundreds of ways to be scammed when searching for paid surveys online.

Our website, which is funded by survey marketing companies works closely with the best paid surveys websites in efforts to keep the scam sites from saturating the market.